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Well, it took longer than expected, but all those other things are now fairly under control, so I’m finally “rebooting my writing life”.

First of all, Script Frenzy is on again – or rather will be on again in April. The website is already getting busy as people are signing up and chatting on the forums. (I’m CaeVye there as well.)

The other big news is that on Friday we got the final “go” for a real life reading / art exibition event. It will take place on May 28th in Soest, Germany. As it’s a part of a bigger series of art events that started out in (hold your breath) Second Life, it will be streamed into SL as well.

On location we will also show some machinima – video clips -, posters and possibly sculptures made by the artists of the Caerleon Art Initiative. There are real life exhibitions in other countries as well, so check out the web page for more information: http://www.virtual-art-initiative.org/TTVLG/Home.html (I don’t think that the reading has already been added.)

So … see you out there.


Was ist Nanowrimo?

Nanowrimo ist der ganz normale November-Wahnsinn, dem jedes Jahr mehr Leute zum Opfer fallen: Das Ziel ist (ganz richtig: für jeden einzelnen Teilnehmer) zwischen dem 1. und 30. November einen Roman mit mindestens 50.000 Wörtern zu schreiben.

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