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Oops, I did it again

Watching Star Trek, that is.
The rest of the entry is in German. It gives a very brief introdution to subtext and slash.

Enjoy the clips.

Spoiler Alert for Star Trek 2009, TOS Amok Time (Spoiler = Wer die Filme nicht kennt, kennt nach dem Weiterlesen schon die Handlung.)

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You’re wondering what’s it with German Pirates and Gender on Twitter?

I’m such a dork. I just told @skud on Twitter that I’d blog about the Pirate Party’s latest gender trouble in English on DW. I forgot that I’m keeping my journal there under lock and key and a different nick.

Of course this is a “public” topic and thus it goes here. Actually it has already been here since last summer, but not in English.

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Women on the Internet

In the last few months I’ve seen more and more discussions about gender in “mainstream” internet places.

I write “mainstream” as my home turf in cyberspace has always been dominated by women.  To the extent that unless you deliberately point out that you’re male, everyone will assume you’re female or transgender. (When I found people discussing interesting things on usenet in the very early 90s, I assumed they were gay males. It took some of them talking about pregnancy induced sickness and posting ultrasound pictures of their womb for me to finally get it).

Sure, I’ve had my experiences with male-dominated parts of the net as well. Especially of the Linux-kind. Let’s just say eventually I found it less frustrating to live with the bugs I couldn’t fix on my own.

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