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Just a Fanvid

There’s no real reason for this post. It’s a fanvid. Not even an overly sexy one. It’s fast, loud, well-made and it fits the movie. Enjoy:


K. D. Lang

Oh dear. Seems I have an old new crush.

I’m just glad that only when I was already hip deep in video and sound clips, seriously considering looking for the CDs I have still packed away since the move, I realized that as of a few days ago half the world shares that crush:

I’m so, so glad to hear that K. D. Lang was the performer at the opening ceremonies in Vancouver.  Of course, the usual suspects at the Olympics marketing department think they would sell less DVDs if the clip were available online. Well, it’s their loss.

I love Leonard Cohen’s very own performance to pieces, and it’s wonderful that he recommended K. D. to perform in his place for the Olympics.

What a woman!