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30 Days of TV Meme – Day 4

You haven’t really thought that I’d just post that day 3 non-entry and make a run?

So, let’s move on to day 4: Day 04 – Your favorite show ever

I take this means watching reruns. And being hip-deep in fandom. Which unfortunately counters my first instinct to say ST:TOS even though Kirk and Spock seem to have been something to watch since childhood.

So let’s talk addiction. Of the insane and unhealthy kind.

My first involvement with fandom was due to a particular pairing, so that one’s out as well, as we’re looking for a show here, not for a OTP. The same probably goes for yet another show, which most likely leaves us with

The X-Files

If you’re surprised by that choice: So am I. If you had asked me for a favorite show, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it. But it is the show that for the longest amount of time had been able to hold my attention and develop their recurring charcacters.

(I’ll happily ignore the last few seasons: As we all know – Denial is a river in egypt.)

It not only works because of Mulder and Scully (or Mulder and Skinner and Kryczeck … Kryzek … Kryzeck … darn: Ratboy), but also the villains, The Lone Gunman, that worm-guy, the cirgarette-smoking-man, etc – simply all the recurring characters that gain in depth each time they return.

The overall writing is great and I think it was the first time that it was admitted and sometimes even acknowledged by in-jokes, that the writers and the audience formed a community on the internet.

Of course I loved it not only for it’s pull but also for its very lively and creative fandom. (I actually managed to sell some fandom-related articles to magazines at the time. Including some impressive fan-art that led to one magazine receiving – for the first time they claimed – requests for having the cover available as a poster).

No doubt – the show should have been cancelled while it was still fun to watch (the experience of the show’s slow demise has made me so much more lenient when it comes to cancellations of shows I love).

I also hated Scully’s cancer as much as her pregnancy as both were not taken seriously and basically, since the invention of daily soaps, both must be the lamest available plot devices for female characters on TV. Of course I was bored by all the aliens (grey, green, liquid and otherwise) that eventually crept out of plot hole Chris Carter would encounter. But I still love the show for its sheer range of entertainment.


30 Days of TV (Day 2)

You haven’t really thought I would post entries for this meme on consecutive days, did you?

So this is day two – a show I wish that more people would watch.

Now there actually is a show I really want to pimp to other people, but it’s not a show that actually fits the category “fandom meme”.

So just to get it out of the way: Go and watch “Blood, Sweat and Luxuries“. It’s a BBC documentary series that follows a group of urban youngsters from the first world to the factories and other places where the goods we all love to consume or spend money on are being produced.

The group spends some time working and connecting and living with the locals. I like the way the show brings people of the same age together who usually experience the utter opposite sides of the global markets.

The show is bold, entertaining and shocking. From what I read on the internet, it seems that it triggered quite some discussions in the UK and I really hope that it will make it to other countries. I’d rather see it dubbed than re-made with local twens, as I fear that it can easily be turned into an almost colonial version of post-Victorian Big-Brother nonsense.

So that’s what I really want you to watch, but let’s return to the gist of the meme:

I think I’ll pick “New Tricks“, not because it’s the only show I think you should watch, but because there are more categories coming up that otherwise would feature the same names and shows over and over again.

What do I like about “New Tricks”? Well, first of all it’s still on air and the overall quality of the writing hasn’t plunged after a season or two.

The show is about a group of UK police investigators in their late 50s who have come out of retirement to form a special team that reopens cases from that were closed without results 20 or more years ago.

The characters are all pleasantly flawed (they were originally sent into early retirement for a reason) and the writing thus has a somewhat interesting case and the quirky three-dimensional persons to play with.

“New Tricks” is not a show that will hold you captivated or really excited, this is almost mindless entertainment that simply doesn’t insult your tired brain. It’s entertaining, it has clever dialoge and it’s somewhat surprising.

It’s a show that has the ability to bring audiences together: It will please the whodunit-crowd, it’s playing with enough clichees to please the fandom-crowd, it’s innovative as it’s taking its main cast of “elderly” actors seriously and it will also please people who are interested in politics and modern history as many of the cases are rooted in the overall zeitgeist of the 1980s.